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EYE CATCHES: Travel – Blue in Peru

Every place has a color identity derived from its natural and built environments.  Be conscious of this when you reach your next destination, as I believe that it’s easiest to perceive and discern color identity in the first moments of arrival when the surroundings are newest to the eyes and… read more

TOUCHSTONES: Works of Art – Sean Scully

Artists–particularly painters–have a visceral connection to color that informs their work, their observations, and even their world view.  I often look to paintings for ideas about color palettes and always find something intriguing, even transformative, that enables me to rethink combinations and contrasts.  We react emotionally to color in painting,… read more

HOMETOWN: New Orleans

The neighborhoods of New Orleans are filled with historic houses that reflect more than 100 years of both building styles and personal preferences.  These homes define the City’s architectural character; their dense texture, patterns, and colors provide a “visual” that is both distinctive and innately pleasing.  Color is everywhere, and… read more