CONTRIBUTED BY S.W.M. Art historians use the term “local color” to refer to the color of an object as it appears in nature–the yellow of a banana or the green of a leaf. When color is depicted, it’s something else entirely. Sometimes very surprising combinations of hues are required to… read more

THE ART OF COLOR: Color and Transparency

CONTRIBUTED BY S.W.M. Depiction with oil paint is a magical process, and color is perhaps the most significant part of that magic. By studying digital photographs of paintings–sites such as Closer to Van Eyck or Google’s Cultural Institute–we can see how an artist creates an illusion, down to the very… read more

THE ART OF COLOR: Mannerist Color

CONTRIBUTED BY S.W.M. I saw two works of art last week that–although painted 300 years apart–were united by an amazing DNA of color. Thomas Hart Benton’s “People of Chilmark” and Gerrit van Honthorst’s “The Concert” share the attributes of Mannerism: energetic, churning compositions that seem to thumb their nose at… read more